Programme Activities

Physical Fitness Test

9 minutes Run Test

Participants are required to cover the furthest distance they can within 9 minutes by first running at a stable pace, then slowly accelerate. The higher number of laps finished, the better cardiovascular endurnace.

Push-up Test

Push-up Test measures the muscular endurance of pectoralis major muscles and triceps. Boys with only palms and toes touching the floor in the starting position, while girls with palms and knees instead. Lower the chest down to floor until the elbows are at right angles, then push up to the starting position. Do as many repetitions as possible continuously until exhaustion. Record the number of successful push-ups.

1min Sit-up Test

Sit-up Test measures the muscular endurance of abdominal muscles. Lie on floor with knees bent at approximately right angles, squeeze the stomach and raise high enough for elbows to touch the thighs. Record the number of repetitions in one minute limitation.

Hand grip Test

Handgrip Test measures the muscular strength of forearm muscles. 3 trials for left and right hand separately, take the best record of each hand then calculate the summation.

Sit-and-Reach Test

Sit-and-reach Test measures the flexibility of hamstring muscles and lower back. Feets are placed flat against the box with both knees are also locked and placed flat on the floor. With palms facing downwards, middle finger is placing on top of the other. Reach forward along the measuring line as far as possible, hold that position for one second while distance is marked. Take the longest distance among 3 trials as the best record.

Standing Long Jump:

The Standing Long Jump assesses the lower limb muscular power. Measure the distance from the starting line to the closest landing point and record the longest distance achieved among two attempts as the best result.


The T-Test measures ability and speed. Start from point A and sprint forward for 10 meters to point B. Then, perform 5-meter sideway shuttles to the left towards point C. Next, do 10-meter sideway shuttles to the right towards point D. Finally, sprint back to point A through point B. The fastest time achieved among two trials is recorded as the best result.

Single Leg Stance with Eyes Closed:

The Closed Eyes Single-Leg Stance Test evaluates balancing ability, body coordination, and proprioception. Stand on one leg and maintain the proper posture. The test is stopped if the student changes their posture. Record the duration the student can hold the stance without opening their eyes.

1-Minute Squat Thrust Test:

The 1-Minute Squat Thrust Test measures the muscular endurance of the upper limb, lower limb, and core muscles. Start in an upright position, then squat down with palms placed on the floor. Extend the body to form a prone position with palms and toes supporting the body. Repeat the squat thrust movement as many times as possible within one minute. Count the total number of squat thrusts performed within the time limit.

Plank Test:

The Plank Test evaluates the muscular endurance of the core muscles. Place your forearms flat on the floor and support your body with elbows and toes. Ensure that your shoulders, pelvis, and knees are in line. Hold the prone position for as long as possible while maintaining proper form. Stop the timer when there is a change in posture and record the duration held as the result.